Saturday, October 14, 2017

October 16-20, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/16 -- Reading assignment "New Europeans" due at the beginning of class.  Remember you need to mark it up and have at least two questions written in the margins.  We will discuss the article, read about refugees, focusing on refugee's from Syria and how Europe is dealing with huge immigrant populations.  Map of the Syrian refugee crisis.
Tue. 10/17 -- Mini-lecture and notes on borders.  Activity which involves reading and drawing about the characteristics of of the U.S. Mexico border.  HW: Finish assignment as needed. 
Wed. 10/18 -- Review day for chapters 2-3 [Population and Migration]  HW:  STUDY for the test!!
Thur. 10/19 -- Test: Unit 2: Population and Migration.
[Note: calendar correction, I am moving the map quiz to Monday the 23rd.]

Mon. 10/16 -- PP on Bank History.  Partners will create a timeline on banking history.  If you are absent you will do the following.  Make a timeline with 8 crucial dates in the history of money and banks in the U.S.  For four of the 8 dates you must explain WHY those events are important.  You will need to write 2 sentences to explain. The class assignment is slightly different.
Tue. 10/17 -- Open note quiz on Money and Banking (Chapter 10, Lesson 1-2). Watch 60 minutes -- "Your Bank has Failed" about the FDIC. You will have some time to complete the timeline you started on Monday.
Wed. 10/18 -- Short PP notes on Modern Banking.  Begin Banking Brochure.  This assignment is posted on our google classroom.
Thru. 10/19 -- Complete the brochure.  End the period with a brief discussion of how technology has changed banking.  Interesting question.
Fri. 10/20 -- Bank Brochure due by 4 p.m. Read pages 302-303.  In class we will do a simulation on the flow of money. If you are absent you get to read pages 304-309 and complete the lesson 1 review questions 1-6.

Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9-12, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/9 -- Migration Basics with worksheet and map of migration waves to the U.S. Chapter 3, Key Issue 1. p. 79-83.
Tue. 10/10 -- Obituary Activity. We will use obituaries to map internal migration patterns in the U.S. We will look at both interregional (between regions) and intraregional (within regions) to see which is most common.
Wed. 10/11 - PowerPoint notes on Key Issue 2 "Where do People Migrate?" HW: review vocabulary in Key issues 1-2 -- quiz tomorrow. 
Thur. 10/12 -- Quiz Key Issues 1-2 (vocab only). Reasons for migration chart (push and pull) along with a short video on economic migration. p. 92-95 in the book. HW: weekend read "The New Europeans" and mark-up the text.  Due on Monday 10/16

Mon. 10/9 -- Review for microeconomics test.  Vocabulary and graphs!
Tue. 10/10 -- Microeconomics test
Wed. 10/11 -- Begin Money, Banking and Finance unit with a worksheet to introduce the monetary system.  Look at the history and function of money.  PSAT takers will need to make-up the worksheet.
Thur. 10/12 -- Video >>  Modern Marvels: U.S Mints.  Questions with video

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2-6, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/2 -- Epidemiologic Transition, compare to DTM.  Worksheet for pages 64-67.  HW: Finish the worksheet, due beginning of the period on Tuesday. Europe Map DUE.
Tue. 10/3 -- Population Paradox -- diseases, Sub-Saharan Africa.  p. 68-69, look at disease maps on-line for major epidemic diseases.  Directions in google classroom.
Wed. 10/4 -- How do you measure health in a populations? We will look at statistics, reading maps ad predicting life expectancy. Students will complete a health chart with statistics and questions.Vocab puzzle :) HW:  Chapter 2 quiz tomorrow, create an 5X8 note card to use of the quiz.  You can write notes, diagrams, etc. from chapter 2 to help with tomorrow's quiz.  Use only one side of the note card.
Thur. 10/5 -- Chapter 2 quiz, you can use your note card, Notebook #2 DUE.  We will do a review activity for the models before the quiz.
Fri. 10/6 -- Map Day #4 -- Russia and its neighbors.

Mon. 10/2 -- Movie: Tucker: A Man and His Dreams.  The movie is based on a true story of Preston Tucker who started the Tucker Car Company in the 1940's. The movie looks at the rise and fall of the company, ending in a dramatic fraud trial.  Students will write a response to the movie.
Tue. 10/3 -- Finish the movie
Wed. 10/4 -- PP notes on market failures.  Newspaper activity on types of market failures.  Response to Tucker DUE.
Thur. 10/5 -- Regulatory Agency internet quest.  Student partners will look up information on regulatory agencies.  Chromebooks.
Fri. 10/6 -- Reading and discussion -- Monopolies and regulation.  Reading and small group project.
[NOTE we have our Microeconomics test on Tuesday 10/10]

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September 25-29, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 9/25 -- In class reading and questions on pages 50-55.  We will be reading about components of population growth -- CDR, CBR, NIR, mortality and fertility rates.  We finish with an introduction to population pyramids.  The questions will be projected on document camera.  HW: Gapminder activty  -- from top tool bar go to gapminder tools.
Tue. 9/26 -- DVD: population paradox -- India. What is happening to population growth in India.  Ten notes from the video.  Small group activity on population pyramids.  What can you learn about the population of a society based on the pyramid?  HW: Graph the CDR and CBR of Mexico and Sweden.  Each student will have a data table for each country and graph paper.  Make two graphs (one for each country) and graph a CDR and CBR line, separately -- use two colors and make a key showing which line is which. 
Wed. 9/27 -- Lecture on the Demographic Transition Model (notes).  Complete the questions on Sweden and Mexico's population dynamics.  What DTM stages do you see?  HW: Finish the questions if you did not finish during class time. 
Thur. 9/28 -- Reading and lecture combines on birthrates and Malthus.  p. 58-63.  Focus on Japan, China and India.  HW: TED talk "Global Population, Box by Box."  Just watch it. 
Fri. 9/29 -- May Day #3 -- Europe.  Finish your map over the weekend if not done during class.

Mon. 9/25 -- Mini-lecture on marginal utility and elasticity.  What factors determine elasticity?  Questions from the textbook: p. 122-123, questions 1,3,6,9,11 & 15.  We will grade at the end of class.
Tue. 9/26 -- Notes on Supply.  Guided reading on Chapter 6 prices.  p. 154-173.  Go over price ceilings and price floors.
Wed. 9/27 -- Grade the worksheets.  Skits on Prices.  Skits will be graded and different teams will have different topics.  It will act as a review for the quiz tomorrow.
Thur. 9/28 -- Review price ceilings and floors.  Open note quiz on Chapter 6.  Partner project on demand, price and elasticity. 
Fri. 9/329 -- Competitive structures -- compare/contrast -- pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligolopy, and monopoly. 
[Special Note: We will watch Tucker: A Man and his Dream on 10/2-10-3]

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18-22, 2017

AP World Geography
Mon. 9/18 -- Review for the Chapter 1 test on Geography concepts.  Students received a review sheet on Friday to start their review.  The test is 35 multiple choice questions and a short FRQ type essay. STUDY tonight -- go over all of the vocabulary words at the back of the chapter and use the review guide to help focus your study of the concepts.  DUE: MAP Latin America
Tue. 9/19 -- Unit 1 Test
Wed. 9/20 -- Begin Chapter 2 Population.  Chapter 2, Key 1 -- Population concentrations, learn the different types of density.  HW: Make sure your notebook is ready to turn in tomorrow!
Thur. 9/21 -- Go over the test.  Discuss more strategies for answering questions.  Finish and worksheet on population concentrations. Map Quiz review -- North and South America -- you do not need to study the individual states of the U.S. or the provinces of Canada. DUE: Notebook #1
Fri. 9/22 -- on-line study for about 10 minutes.   Quiz the Americas map.  APHG essay questions.

Mon 9/18 -- Review worksheet for the test and go over the quiz from Friday.  More practice on the PPC and wage theories.  Review sheet due tomorrow.
Tue. 9/19 -- Test over Economic thinking and labor -- Review sheet due
Wed. 9/20 -- ASVAB for juniors -- China video for others
Thur. 9/21 -- Begin microeconomics -- Chapter 4 on Demand.  Demand notes and a demand schedule and demand graph.  What factors effect demand?  Develop a questionnaire to find out what factors effect demand. HW: Interview 5 people tonight. 
Fri. 9/22 -- Compile data and make conclusions from the demand data.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sept. 11-15, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 9/11 -- What is Globalization?  Chapter 1, lesson 3.  Worksheet with vocab diagrams.  Discussion about cultures and distribution in space. p. 20-25. DUE: Map of US and Canada.
Tue. 9/12 -- What is diffusion (p. 26-29)?  How are ideas spread around the globe?  Definitions and small group reports on diffusion.  Chromebook research.
Wed. 9/13 -- Sustainability PowerPoint notes.  HW: Read and mark-up, "Stewards of the Sea," National Geographic, 9/17.  Study for the QUIZ.
Thur. 9/14 -- Quiz lesson 1.3-1.4 (combo of vocab and m/c questions. TED talk "Save the oceans, Feed the World," by Jackie Savitz.  Graphic Organizer notes.
Fri. 9/15 -- Map Day 2, Latin America Map. HW: Finish map and begin study for first test. 
NOTE: Unit 1 TEST is Tuesday 9/19. 

Mon. 9/11 -- Reading on the American Freed Enterprise System (p. 72-75).  Graphic Organizer p. 82-86.
Tue. 9/12 -- Powerpoint on the History of Labor in the U.S.  DVD "Striking Back" with notes.
Wed. 9/13 -- Read p. 250-257 (we are jumping to chapter 9), Worksheet on Labor and wages, theories and union types.  HW: Interview someone about their job. 
Thur. 9/14 -- Labor Issues today: minimum wage, unionization, and gender/pay issues.  We will read newspaper articles and do a jigsaw.
Fri. 9/15 --  Grade worksheet. QZ: Open note quiz on union history and worksheet.  Collective Bargaining simulation.  Notebook #1 DUE
NOTE:  I have switched Thur/Friday from the calendar.

Monday, September 4, 2017

September 5-8, 2017

AP Human Geography
Tue. 9/5 -- Notes on map projections and problems with scale and percentages.  Identify and share map printed last week. Go over Arcgis map work if there are questions.  HW: Arcgis Map Due tomorrow. 
Wed. 9/6 -- Arcgis Map DUE.  Group project on regions of Washington State.  Review vocabulary for lesson 1-2.  Read lesson 2 p. 14-19.  HW: Study for the vocabulary quiz. 
Thur. 9/7 -- Review regions together.  Vocab quiz (matching) on lessons 1-2 in chapter 1. Finish Regions project (on the big piece of paper)
Fri. 9/8 -- Map Day 1: North America (Anglo part) the U.S. and Canada.  HW: Finish map if needed, Due Monday.

Tue. 9/5 --  Bartering simulation.  Complete a chart on the basic economic systems -- traditional, market and command.  HW: Study Chapter 1 vocabulary (notes and puzzle) for a matching quiz.
Wed. 9/6 -- Qz: Vocabulary chapter 1; PP notes on economic systems Socialism, Communism and Capitalism.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of Capitalism (Market).
Thur. 9/7 -- Mixed systems -- Research on Chromebooks.  HW:  If you do not finish in class the assignment is homework.  We will do an activity with the data tomorrow.
Fri. 9/8 -- Present country reports.  Economic goals and ranking systems.  We have some notes on the 7 economic goals and small groups will rank the importance or lack of importance of goals in various systems.  Yes Blake this is for you!!