Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 14-18, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 5/14 -- Political Geography Table Games -- Review Chapter 8.  I even went into the curriculum guide and added in extra stuff!
Tue. 5/15 -- Write two CRQ essays in 50 minutes or less.  This will help your pacing for the actual AP Test.  I will grade one and you will grade one.  Scoring rubrics help to understand stronger and weaker answers and how to earn more points.
Wed. 5/16 -- Review scoring rubrics.  Half of class to review chapter 10 -- Agriculture.  I have a sheet to fill in with the lecture.
Thursday 5/17 -- Part of class to review Factories and Industrialization.  Part of class to relax and make up questions with a set of answers.
Friday 5/18 -- AP Human Geography Test.  Bring some lunch.  Two pencils, blue or black pen. layers of clothing and a watch.  In class we will watch Discovery Atlas Japan.  Good luck!!😊

Mon. 5/14 -- How fiscal and monetary policy work.  A big chart with groups. Hopefully I can gather more notebooks. I am missing about half!
Tue. 5/15 -- Review day for the test.
Wed. 5/16 --Current event and more review
Thur. 5/17  -- Test over economics and government
Fri. 5/18 -- Compare Free trade and Protectionist trade.  Make a -T-chart showing arguments about trade. p. 501-505.  Make three columns, one for Free Trade, one for an image and one for Protectionism.  p. 503-505 has "arguments for protection" This section also has the countering free-trade argument. For each a) write the protectionist argument (in times of war, the U.S. need to be self-sufficient) the free trade argument (not promoting specialization causes low productivity and expensive supply) finally your need and image for each.  Do not do supporting national pride -- it's not a very economic argument.  Define both tariff and quota.

Friday, May 11, 2018

May 7-11, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 5/7 -- Review the Urban test from last week.  Go over the test basics.  How to study, where to focus your time.  Material to bring (pencils, and blue or black pens, layers of clothing).
Tue. 5/8 -- 2016 Practice Test for multiple choice questions.  I also handed out a scoring guide to estimate your AP score.
Wed. 5/9 -- Review of the 25 most missed questions on the practice test.  Culture review powerpoint with questions -- it is posted on our google classroom page.
Thur. 5/10 -- Culture Jeopardy day.
Fri. 5/11 -- FRQ scramble.  We looked at about 10 FRQ essay questions from previous years.  Students wrote essay outlines and then we looked at the questions.  I recommend students go to AP Central and look at the AP Human Geography Exam.  They can see past questions, scoring guides and sample essays.
One week until the AP test :)

Mon. 5/7 -- Review notes on the national debt (p. 417-422) and take the open-note National Debt quiz.  In 6th period we had a brief amount of time to review the material from the tax truths assignment.
Tue. 5/8 -- Fiscal Policy worksheet.  Part 1 -- Watch Crash Course Economics #8 on Fiscal Policy and answer the questions. Part 2-3 can be found in the text.
Wed. 5/9 -- Worksheet on the structure of the Federal Reserve.  The worksheet covers the parts of the Fed and the major responsibilities for ordinary operations. Watch EconMovies Despicable Me, which will review the role of the Federal Reserve. 
Thur. 5/10 -- Monetary Policy.  I have a lot of notes to review the Fed and go over the tools of monetary policy.  The notes review the structure and cover the duties of the Fed chair, Board of Governors and FOMC.  Know this.  We also went over the three tools of monetary policy.  We finished in class with the Fed Chairman Game -- easily searchable.  It is good review, but there is nothing to turn in .  Unless you get reappointed and then you get candy!
Fri. 5/11 -- Collected Notebook #5.  Watched Crash Course Economics #10 on monetary policy.  Then we played Table Games -- a review for the unit.  Nothing specific to make-up, but I need notebooks.  Good luck APUSH people.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 23-27, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 4/23 -- Finish notes on city models in developing countries.  Go over the chapter 12 quiz.  You did so well on the city models, we don't need to go over that quiz.  Begin Key Issue 3 project on expanding cities.  Lots of new vocabulary -- partner project.
Tue. 4/24 -- Finish expanding cities project. Due today!
Wed. 4/25 -- Video "10 Cities that Changed America"  This is from PBS and you can watch in on-line if you are absent.  Take notes on the innovation from each city. I expect a couple bullets on each of the 10 cities.  Discuss New Urbanism.
Thur. 4/26 -- TED talk: " Greening the Ghetto" by Majora Carter.  There is a sheet with questions, so look in the file.  On-line activity from PBS on "10 Parks that Changed America."  Discussion of why parks are important.  Characteristics of city planning.
Fri. 4/27 -- Powerpoint lecture on City Challenges (Key Issue 4).  It is a lot of material!  Watch Discovery Atlas on Dharavi if possible.

Mon. 4/23 -- Library to work on the High School Plan and Beyond.  Other students are working on a slide show about a corporation.
Tue. 4/24 -- Library HSBP and Corporation project continued.  This is the last of the class time.  DUE on Wednesday.
Wed. 4/25 Taxation Basics -- vocabulary from Chapter 14, Lesson 1.  Students will draw political cartoons teaching about basic tax vocabulary.  Pages 400-406.  HSBP and Corporation Slide show DUE. NO time during class to work on it.  Due at 3 p.m.
Thur. 4/26 -- Finish vocabulary from Lesson 1.  Mini-lecture on taxes and tax chart to be stamped.
Fri. 4/27 -- Quiz on tax vocabulary. Read pages 406-410.  Alternative Tax Approaches.  Describe a Flat tax and VAT tax.  Include two pros and two cons with each.  Make a brief chronology of Tax reform including 1981, 1986, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2011, 2013.  What happened each time?

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April 9-13, 2018

I am sorry about the missing weeks - end of the quarter crazy.

AP Human Geography
Mon. 4/9 -- Introduction to Central Place Theory.  Assignment intro and hexagon pattern for our local area looking at range and threshold issues for cities, towns, villages and hamlets. 
Tue. 4/10 -- Finish Central Place Theory assignment.  Discuss findings at the end.  Did students see a pattern?
Wed. 4/11 -- Rank-size cities and Primate cities.  Definitions and graphs of countries and city sizes.  Which countries follow which rule?
Thur. 4/12 -- Global Cities and services.  We start with questions and a powerpoint show and discussion.  Students will finish reading and complete the worksheet.  Chapter 12, Key issue 3, p. 442-447.
Fri. 4/13 -- Powerpoint on the history of urbanization.  Assignment to diagram rural settlement patterns -- basically read p. 448-451 in Chapter 12, Key issue 4.  Diagram clustered and linear settlement patterns. Take some notes on clusters in Colonial America and the development of dispersed rural settlements in the U.S.
NOTE: There is a chapter 12 quiz on Monday.  Get a unit review sheet.

Mon. 4/9 -- EconMovie #5 Cars (watch on-line for review). We will review GDP and demographics quickly and divide up into groups of 2-3 to look at demographic data from the U.S.  Data summaries will be added to a diagram on the board. If we are ready, Quiz on GDP and Demographics. We may take the quiz on Tuesday.
Tue. 4/10 -- On-line video from SF Fed "The New Geography of Jobs" by Enrico Moretti.  You can watch it on YouTube.  Comparing city demographics in class.
Wed. 4/11 -- Business Cycles.  Questions from the document camera.  It will take about 15-20 minutes to do the questions and correct them.  Crash Course Economics video on 2008 Financial Crisis.  I will introduce the video with some vocabulary.  Compare and contrast the causes, depth and results of the Great Depression 1929 with the Great Recession of 2008.
Thur. 4/12 -- "Where would you like to live" research assignment.
Fri. 4/13 -- Crash Course #7 on Inflation (there is a lot of good material out there).  There are questions to go with the video and an on-line assignment at the Minneapolis Fed about the CPI.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 19-23, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 3/19 -- Review Activity for Chapter 9. Students will create a chapter review card on a 5X8 index card (provided in class).  They can use their review card on the quiz. Quiz Chapter 9 - Development. 
Tue. 3/20 -- Industrial Revolution on Crash Course World history #32.  Worksheet on the industrial revolution with a map of the U.S. and early industrial areas.
Wed. 3/21 -- Introduced Weber's model on factory site and situation factors.  Very short lecture (5 slides) and reading pp 398-411.  Students will break into groups of four and site a factory in the United States.  The choices are copper, auto, potato chip and clothing (textile).  Each person in the group will take one factory and do an independent project. DUE Friday 3/23.
Thur. 3/22 -  Continue Factory Project
Fri. 3/23 -- Watch 20 minutes of American Car DVD.  Finish Factory Project. Due by 3 p.m.
Remember there is a QUIZ on factories in a CRQ format on Monday.  The "Quiz" will be added to your test score as the essay for the test on 3/29. 

Mon. 3/19 -- Risk Quiz Due  Copy this URL into your browser.  Take the quiz and print the page with your score.  Points will be deducted if you do not print or if it is late.  There are printers in the library and career center.  This assignment was given 3/7/18.  Powerpoint notes on investment basics. Introduction of the circular flow of money.
Tue. 3/20 --- Making a financial plan -- worksheet and discussion on how to invest.
Wed. 3/21 -- Begin the Stock project.  I will begin with a lesson on how to read a stock report on and how to use the information on the site.  It is amazing!  Day one students will begin the project with four stocks to research (randomly chosen from a spreadsheet).
Thur. 3/22 -- Begin stock profile on a single stock form your list of four.  In-depth research on that stock. You can prepare this on google classroom.  We will print on Friday.
Fri. 3/23 -- MEET in the LIBRARY.  We will finish the stock project and print.  Turn in both the stock research (20 points) and the stock profile (30 points) Total 50 points.  Due by 3 p.m.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 12--16, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 3/12 -- QZ: Chapter 9 -- Key Issues 1-2 vocabulary. DVD: Electric Nation from the series American Revealed. Notes on the video.
Tue. 3/13 -- Watch Crash Course Economic Trade #2.  Assignment on paths to development (international trade vs self-sufficiency path).  Look at Rostow's Model for internationl trade. Students may have to finish some of this assignment at home.  Due Wednesday.
Wed. 3/14 -- Lecture notes on Financing and Trade.
Thur. 3/15 -- TED talk How we can make the world a better place by Michael Green.  There is room on the worksheet for the TED talk notes.  Questions bout the Millennium Development goals and the UN sustainability goals.
Fri. 3/16 -- World System's Theory -- Wallerstein.  We will review chapter 9 on Monday and have a quiz on the chapter.

Mon. 3/12 -- Watch Its a Wonderful Life section on the run on the bank.  PP on Bank history.  Begin timeline on banking.  We will finish tomorrow.
Tue. 3/13 -- QZ: Bank History -- this is a true/false quiz and you can use your notes.  Watch 60 minutes Your bank has failed and finish the timeline on bank history.
Wed. 3/14 -- Introduction to banks -- powerpoint notes.  Begin research on a local bank -- create a pamphlet that will highlight bank services. 
Thur. 3/15 -- Time to complete the pamphlet.  Summary discussion: Has has technology affected banking?
Fri. 3/16 --  Bank pamphlet due today.  Read p. 304-307, Activity on circular flow for the financial market.  If you are absent Read pages 304-307 and do the lesson review questions (lesson one, chapter 11) on page 309, questions 1-5.

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5-8, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 3/5 -- Agriculture Test (Chapter 10) with some review from Chapter 2 (densities) and Chapter 4 (folk and popular culture).  Any late notebooks are due today.
Tue. 3/6 -- Development Statistics -- Power point on how to use development statistics and vocabulary for the unit.  We will go over the multiple choice questions on the test.
Wed. 3/7 -- Development chart -- Students will use data in the text to look at the development level of a group of countries.  Data and analysis due.
Thur. 3/8 -- International Women's Day!  Internet on development statistics and the GII (gender inequality index).  How index data are complied at the UN. Reading from USA today about the GII.  Study Key issue 1-2 over the weekend.  We have a quiz on Monday.  It is multiple choice. 
Fri. 3/9 -- Have a nice day off :)

Mon. 3/5 -- Review for the Microeconomics test tomorrow.  Study tonight.
Tue. 3/6 -- Microeconomics Test.  If you get done early work on your notebook packet. 
Wed. 3/7 -- Notebook packet #2 DUE.  Begin Money, Banking and Finance Unit.  We will start with a little history of money in the United States. Worksheet and sharing money examples.
Thur. 3/8 -- Go over the test from Tuesday.  Modern Marvels video on U.S. Mints.  There are some questions to answer with the video.
Fri. 3/9 -- Have a nice day off :)