Saturday, November 24, 2018

November 26-30, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 11/26 -- Review for Map Final, focus on physical features (you will get a list and map) and review countries.  Use the purple list of countries and cities to study.
Tue. 11/27 -- Review for Map Final -- Finish country review and work on the cities.  Study hard tonight!
Wed. 11/28 -- Map Final -- 90 questions in one hour.  15 physical features; 45 countries and 30 cities. 
Thur. 11/29 -- Go over the culture exam.  Introduction to religious distribution.  What is the difference between universalizing and ethnic religions?  Notes and maps :)
Fri. 11/30 -- Finish notes.  Worksheet on Distribution of Religions, Chapter 6, Key issue 1 p. 183-191. Finish worksheet for homework!

Mon. 11/26 -- Unemployment notes and graphic organizer.  Geofred unemployment maps.  If time DVD from 60 Minutes called "March of the Machines" and technological unemployment.
Tue. 11/27 -- Review for Economic Performance Test
Wed. 11/28 -- Economic Performance Test, Chapters 12-13; Notebook #4 DUE.
Thur. 11/29 -- Taxation Basics.  Vocabulary for chapter 14, lesson 1 p. 400-405.  We will make political cartoons and teach each other the words!
Fri. 11/30 -- Mini-lecture on types of taxes, review vocabulary. Complete the tax chart on different types of taxes. 
NOTE: Monday is a quiz over the tax vocabulary from chapter 14, lesson 1.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

November 19-21

AP Human Geography
Mon. 11/19 -- Go over the Language quiz for key Issue 1-2.  Review chapters 4-5 for the unit exam on Tuesday.  There are 56 multiple choice questions on the exam. DUE: Africa Map,  Essay on Lingua Franca.
Tue. 11/20 -- Culture 1 Unit Test Culture and Languages (chapter 4-5).  Use your review sheets to study.  Turn in your NOTEBOOK if you will be gone on Wednesday
Wed. 11/21 -- Notebook #4 DUE.  Intro to religion unit (chapter 6).

Mon. 11/19 -- Meet in class. Go over directions and then move to the library.  5 students are working on a corporation research project slide show.  The remaining students are completing the High School and Beyond Plan. 
Tue. 11/20 -- Library work time
Wed. 11/21 -- HSBP and Corporation Project DUE. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

November 13-16-, 2018

AP Human Geography
Tue. 11/13 -- Review of language distribution and how languages are related.  Notes from slides. It is a lot of slides today! HW: Review for quiz over chapter 5, key issues 1-2 tomorrow. 16 multiple choice questions. Review language presentations, text p. 143-157.
Wed. 11/14 -- Quiz Languages. Brief notes on preserving languages. Worksheet on Key Issue 4 Language Diversity. p. 164-171.
Thur. 11/15 -- Global English as a Lingua Franca, notes.  CRQ Essay assigned that is due on Monday 11/19. HW: Study for the Asia Map quiz.  80% of the quiz is on the Asia map and about 20% is from the Middle East map. 
Fri. 11/16 -- Qz Asia Map.  When finished with the quiz work on your Africa map. Slides are posted in the google classroom .HW: Weekend write your essay on English and Lingua Franca.

Tue. 11/13 -- Notes on Economic growth and what creates economic growth.  We will divide up into groups of 3 and examine demographic data and look at population trends in the US and how economic growth affects poverty and unemployment.  Slide show work in google classroom.
Wed. 11/14 -- Business Cycles p. 366-371.  Chapter 13, Lesson 1.  Get a copy of the questions if you are absent.  Watch Crash Course Economis #12 and discuss the 2008 Great Recession.  Pair up to make a chart to compare 2008 to 1929.
Thur. 11/15 -- ASVAB Interpretation Course.  Remainder of class will work on Corporation Project.
Fri. 11/16 -- Inflation Crash Course #7.  Worksheet with the on-line video.  Questions on the back about the CPI and inflation.
NOTE: Monday -Wednesday 11/19 - 11/21 Students will complete the HSBP or the Corporation Project DUE 11/21

Sunday, November 4, 2018

November 5-9, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 11/5 -- Introduction to languages. Notes and definitions.  Begin language project research. You will be assigned to a group and develop a slide show about one of the language families in Chapter 5, Key Issue 1-2. 
Tue. 11/6 -- Continue and finish the slide shows.
Wed. 11/7 -- Begin presentations.  We will do about 6 presentations. There is a new chart so you can take notes during the presentations  The History of English in 10 minutes and  notes.
Thur. 11/8 -- Finish Presentations and discuss.  Read about the origins, diffusion and influence of Indo-European and English.  We will do a map of the diffusion and read about the Nomadic Warrior and Sedentary Farmer hypothesis.
Fri. 11/9 -- Quiz on Asia Map. : 16 countries; 10 cities and 6 physical features.  Most of the quiz is form the Asia map -- about 80%.

Mon. 11/5 -- ASVAB testing for juniors in room 2503.  Seniors will watch "Joined at the Hip" a new DVD on US and China trade.
Tue. 11/6 -- Finish the ASVAB

October 29- November 2, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/29 -- Material Culture review.  Read pages 122-123 the distribution of Folk and Popular Housing.  Review environmental influences on houses and sacred spaces.  Powerpoint show on Folk and Popular Housing in the U.S.  Assignment to describe each folk style (p.124) and identify the style of your home and write a 5 sentence description of how the house style fits the environment and the needs of your family.
Tue. 10/30 -- Quiz on Chapter 4, Key Issues 1-2.  There are 8 vocabulary and 8 multiple choice questions.  Notes on Access of social media.  If absent read Chapter 4, Key issue 3 and then borrow someone's notes to copy.
Wed. 10/31 -- Read intro to Chapter 4, Key issue 4 (p. 132-133). Video on Australian Aborigines.  Get video notes if you are absent.  We are studying disappearing folk cultures.
Thur. 11/1 -- Chart notes on Sustainability in popular culture. Get the chart to complete. Review game!
Fri. 11/2 -- Map Day #6 -- Asia.  Due on Monday

Mon. 10/29 -- Guest speaker -- Steve Scott -- DA Davidson
Tue. 10/30 -- Review for unit test.
Wed. 10/31 -- Unit test on Money, Banking and Finance Notebook #3 DUE
Thur. 11/1 -- Take as an entry task for the Economic Performance Unit. Pick a stock portfolio for our class competition.
Fri. 11/2 -- color maps and questions using and google slides.  Directions are posted in Google classroom and slides were shared with people who were absent.  Give it a try.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

October 22-26

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/22  -- QZ: Eurasia Map (28 points) Go over the Unit 2 Test
Tue. 10/23 -- Material culture slide shows on Google Classroom.  Can we link material culture to customary beliefs and social forms?  Notebook #3 DUE
Wed. 10/24 -- Intro to culture: Haka video.  Folk vs Popular culture. Quiet reading p. 110-122. Reading guide chart to complete while reading.
Thur. 10/25 -- Periods 3 & 6 will have Map Day #5 the Middle East. Periods 2 & 4 will discuss the reading on culture and share folk food experiencing terroir.
Fri. 10/26 -- We switch.  Periods 3 &6 will discuss culture, food and terroir while periods 2 & 4 will work on Map Day #5, Middle East Map.
WEEKEND HOMEWORK reminder -- Take a picture of your house with your phone or chromebook.

Mon. 10/22 -- Finish up the work on the Bank Brochure and turn into Google classroom.  Notes on investing basics and some ways to invest your money.  Homework: Take the investment riskquiz.  Show me your score and note it on the calendar. 
Tue. 10/23 -- Talk about the risk quiz.  Stamp the calendar.  Financial plan worksheet on investing.
Wed. 10/24 -- Introduction to reading stock information.  Begin stock research on your set of 5 stocks. Complete the stock research sheet. 
Thur. 10/25 -- Begin the company profile. You can do it on a google document, but we will have to print them. 
Fri. 10/26 -- Finish the company profile.  Printing in the library.  Turn in the Stock Research worksheet and your printed company profile.  Together they are worth 50 points. 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

October 8-11, 2018

AP Human Geography 
Mon. 10/8 -- Migration Basics and map Due; Obituary Activity -- We will use obituaries to map internal migration within the U.S.  Students will analyze migration patterns to see if intraregional or interregional migration is more common.  They will hypothesize why there is a pattern.
Tue. 10/9 -- Go over the Population chapter quiz.  Review the DTM.  Power point on Migration, Key Issue 3. Where to people migrate within a country.  Case studies of Russia, China and Brazil.
Wed. 10/10 -- Practice PSAT most of the day.  Short period to review vocabulary in Key Issues 1-2 in Chapter 3.  Vocab sets in search >  JonnieFenton
Thur. 10/11 -- Vocab Quiz on Chapter 3 Migration, Key 1-2 vocabulary.  Begin Key Issue 3 > Why do people migration push and pull factors for economic, cultural and environmental migration.  pages 92-95 in the text.
Fri. 10/12 -- Fall Inservice Day for Teachers -- No school for students.

Mon 10/8 -- Go over the price quiz -- review demand and supply.  REview for the microeconomics unit test.  Essay question is on the role of government in managing the economy -- regulatory agencies (EPA) monopoly blocking (Sherman) and stopping market failure (inadequate information, externalities, and providing public goods).
Tue. 10/9 -- Test over microeconomics (Chapters 4-7) Notebook packet #2 Due
Wed. 10/10 -- Practice PSAT most of the day.  Money trivia search on-line for mostly extra credit.  But part is still required.  Come to class :)
Thur. 10/11 -- Introduction to money -- "Modern Marvels: Mints"  DVD covering the history of currency in the U.S. and minting/printing money.  There is a set of required questions with the DVD. 
Fri. 10/12 -- Fall Inservice Day for Teachers -- No school for students.