Sunday, February 18, 2018

February 20-23, 2018

REMEMBER AP Registration deadline is 2/28/18

AP Human Geography
Monday 2/19 -- President's Day.  No school today. 
Tue. 2/20 -- Finish the small group project on agriculture.  Small groups are looking up information on agriculture in the developing world.  They are defining, explaining and drawing diagrams.  We started on Friday and will finish today.
Wed. 2/21 -- Agriculture in the developed world.  Lecture with notes and a map.  We are working on learning the 11 agricultural regions described by D. Wittelsey in 1936. 
Thur. 2/22 -- Webquest on challenges in agriculture. This project uses both the text and on-line sources.  It will be posted on the google classroom site on Wednesday. 
Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7 p.m.
Friday 2/23 [half-day] -- CRQ on one of the agricultural zones. I will double the score and count it as a quiz.  It will be one in the developing world.  Study a little :)

Monday 2/19 -- President's Day. No School today. 
Tue. 2/20 -- Mini Lecture on Supply.  What factors affect supply?  Time to work on the guided reading for Chapter 6: Prices.  Finish the worksheet in class or it is homework.  I provide extra help with the price ceiling and floor.
Wed. 2/21 -- Grade the chapter 6 guided reading.  Skits to review prices. Yes you will all create a skit on how prices work under certain conditions.
Thur. 2/22 - QZ: Open note on Chapter 6. Partner project on microeconomics. 
Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7 p.m.
Friday 2/23 [half-day]-- Competitive structures -- monopolistic competition to monopoly.
[Monday 2/26 - 2/27 -- Movie "Tucker: A Man and His Dream"]

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January 23-26, 2018

AP Human Geography
Tue. 1/23 -- Go over the test.  Introduction to states notes.
Wed. 1/24 -- DVD "Inside North Korea" for about 15 minutes.  Then state theories -- you will get a handout about the Rimland and Heartland theories.  Finally a worksheet on the development of "states."  Early city-states to modern multi-ethnic states will be studied.
Thur. 1/25 -- Quick Grade of worksheet on the Development of States.  Ted Talk by Parag Khanna "Maps of Future Countries.  American Devolution activity with a small group.
Fri. 1/26 -- Soviet Union devolution.  Mini lecture and notes -- how to divide up the region around the Caucasus Mountains p. 272-273.  You have a map and get to design new countries.

Tue. 1/23 -- Go over the syllabus and policies.  Goods and Services Activity.  Interview 5 people about goods and services they have purchased in the last month.  Try and get five goods and five services from each person you interview.
Wed. 1/24 -- Get together with your group and go over the data.  Find the percentages of items purchased and then compare the real results to your hypothesis.  Share the results of your research.
Thur. 1/25 -- Begin Chapter 1.  Work with small groups on the vocabulary.  Each pair will have a vocabulary word/concept which they will explain to the entire class.  There is a vocabulary sheet to fill in and a puzzle for review.
Fri. 1/26 -- Finish vocab presentations.  Get to know you activity. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January 16-19, 2018

AP Human Geography
Tue. 1/16 -- Table Challenge -- review day.  The test tomorrow has 60 questions. Approximately 44 have to do with Chapter 6 (Religion) and Chapter 7 (Ethnicity).  There are questions on Chapter 4 (Culture - vocab, define culture, folk vs popular culture, media) and Chapter 5 (Language - Indo-European family especially).  Study!! 
Wed. 1/17 -- Culture 2 Test; Notebook #6 DUE  I may move this to Finals if we are stressed for time.
Thur. 1/18 -- Finals periods 1,3,5 -- Shapes of States vocab -- fun project involving drawing and a really big piece of paper!
Friday 1/19 -- Final periods 2,4,6 -- Repeat

Tue. 1/16 -- Globalization presentations.  Each person will present the information they have discovered on globalization. 
Wed. 1/17 -- Review day and get notebook packets ready to turn in.
Thur. 1/18 -- No Economics today; Periods 1,3,5 meet
Fri. 1/19 -- Finals periods 2,4,6 -- ALL books due or fines will be issued.  Notebook packet #6 Due.
Test on international trade. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 8-12, 2018

AP Human Geography
Mon. 1/8 -- Class time for projects on ethnic conflicts.  The assignment is posted on our Google Classroom page.  The presentations are all due on Wednesday 1/10, but only the Key Issue 3 presentations will go.  Presentations on Africa will be on 1/12 to break-up the time. 
Tue. 1/9 -- Ethnic Diversity in SW Asia.  Students will color a map of Iraq showing the different ethnic groups and complete a chart about SW Asia. p. 244-245 in the book. HW: Read pages 240-243 tonight.  Finish your presentation. Due tomorrow.
Wed. 1/10 -- Ethnic Conflict presentations due.  Students will have a note sheet to keep track of locations, ethnic groups and conflict types.  Today Lebanon, Sri Lanka, South Asia, Kurds.  HW: Reading on Kosovo.
Thur. 1/11 -- Worksheet on the Balkans.  Discuss Kosovo
Fri. 1/12 -- Presentations continue on Africa > Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda and the Congo.  If you have not read all of Key Issue 3 and Key Issue 4 you need to read it this weekend.  The test is on Wednesday 1/17.  Remind me to hand out Chapter 7 review sheets :)

Mon. 1/8 -- About 10 minutes to finish the Trade T-charts on protection vs Free Trade. Review vocabulary and introduce trade history with notes on Trade History.  Mini-projects on issues before the WTO. 
Tue. 1/9 -- Complete the WTO presentations.  Read pages 492-493 on international trade groups.  Scavenger hunt on trade facts with a partner.  Yes the first 4 teams that have all of the answers right will get a prize. 
Wed. 1/10 -- QZ: Chapters 17 open note quiz (see notes on the board to help you prepare). When you finish the quiz you will complete the worksheet on Economic Development p. 522-529 in the text. Due BOP on Thursday. 
Thur. 1/11 -- Grade Economic Development worksheet.  Introduce discussion on Globalization -- What are HDC an LDC countries.  How do we measure development?  Watch Crash Course Economics #16 on Globalization, Trade and Poverty.  Look for an idea you would like to research more about.  Break into small groups for research. 
Fri. 1/12 -- Finish research and build slide shows for presentations.  Begin presentations.  

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Jan 3-5, 2018

Wow a new year has arrived and we are down to 2.5 weeks in the semester.  Here we go...

AP Human Geography
Wed. 1/3 -- Review ethnic distributions in the United States.  U.S. census activity with data for four cities and states and a color coded map. DUE: CRQ on Population -- remember it must be typed and printed for full credit.  
Thur. 1/4 -- Lecture notes on ethnic migrations in the U.S. and a few other countries for examples.  We will look at the history of segregation in the U.S. and South Africa.
Fri. 1/5 -- Introduction to ethnic conflict.  We will be assigned teams to work on a research project on ethnic conflict.  Each team will have a different topic and will create a slide show to present to the class.  Slide shoes due on Wednesday 1/10.

Wed. 1/3 -- Most of the class will go to the ASVAB interpretation class conducted by Dr. Cook in the career center to complete their high school and beyond plan.  The seniors will watch a DVD on U.S. and China trade.
Thur. 1/4 -- Hand out new purple calendars. "Can trade be win-win" lecture with notes.  We will also watch crash course economics #2 to complete the work on trade absolute and comparative advantage. There are questions with the video on the lecture note sheet.
Fri. 1/5 -- T-chart with graphic elements on protectionist and free trade arguments. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 11-19, 2017

This post is for one week and the first two days of the following week. 

AP Human Geography
Mon. 12/11 -- Chapter 6, Key Issue 4 -- Religious conflict -- religion vs government (Taliban and Hinduism) and religion vs communism (USSR and China).  Introduce Key issue with some notes on the first three pages.  Break into groups and research the answers to questions about Ireland, Israel/Palestine and the Islamic State.  How do religious differences play into these conflicts.  We finished Ireland on Monday.
Tue. 12/12 -- Finished Israel/Palestine and the Islamic State.  The notes have some embedded video.  I would suggest watching Clarissa Ward of CBS news explain the Suni vs Shia conflict (you can google it on Youtube). Notes and discussion.
Wed. 12/13 -- Quiz on Chapter 6 -- Religion.  Time to work on calendar/holy day presentations.  Notebook #5 DUE. 
Thur. 12/14 -- Holy days presentations
Fri. 12/15 -- Finish Holy days presentations
Mon. 12/18 -- Go over the chapter 6 quiz and review religious geography of the U.S..  CRQ on religious distribution -- in class write.
Tue. 12/19 -- Grade the CRQ and discuss the best ways to score well on the writing portion of the AP test.  Winter Break assignment -- writing on Population.  DUE Wed. 1/3/18

Mon. 12/11 -- Review Fiscal Policy from Friday and grade the front side of the "Fiscal Policy" worksheet.  Notes on Supply-side policy.  Work stamped in class.
Tue. 12/12 -- Introduce the Federal Reserve -- Look at money and identify the local Federal REserve district (#12).  Maintaining the quality and circulation of the money supply is one of the main responsibilities of the Fed.  We also looked at security features on the paper currency.  Students completed a graphic organizer on the structure of the Fed and its responsibilities.
Wed. 12/13 -- Notes on Monetary Policy and the tools of MP.  I handed out a graphic organizer that students filled in showing reactions with recessions and inflation.  Finished the class playing the Fed Chairman game from the San Francisco Federal Reserve.  It is worth 10 extra credit points if you get reappointed chair!
Thur. 12/14 -- Small group activity to review the difference between Fiscal and Monetary Policy.  Hand out reviews for the exam on Monday.  [This is a lot of information in these chapters so you will need to study for the exam. Notebook #5 DUE
Fri. 12/15 -- Review for the exam
Mon. 12/18 -- Government and the Economy exam (chapters 14-16).
Tue. 12/19 -- Fun surprise activity where you will probably win prizes.

Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4-8, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 12/4 -- Correct worksheet on the distribution of religions.  Break into groups of three and make a graphic organizer about the largest universalizing religion.  The graphic organizer directions are posted on the google classroom space.
Tue. 12/5 -- Review the hearths of religions with a picture power point.  Maps showing the diffusion of religions from their hearths and agents of diffusion.
Wed. 12/6 -- Qz. Chapter 6, Key issues 1-2 (religious distribution and diffusion). Break into groups of six. We will tackle Key Issue 3 on religious organization.  Each group member will take one religion and complete the section of the chart for that religion.  They will then share the information with others.  We will make a large class diagram.
Thur. 12/7 -- Continue the assignment from Wednesday
Fri. 12/8 -- Holiday presentation. Assignment posted to Google classroom.

[Note I have made some changes to the calendar.]
Mon. 12/4 -- Introduction to the budget and budget numbers.  How do competing tax bills make their way through conference committees.  Budget showdown this week!  Begin assignment to research discretionary spending by department. 
Tue. 12/5 -- Continue spending research
Wed. 12/6 -- Mini-Congress.  We will use our research to try and cut 50 billion from discretionary spending.  Simulation.
Thur. 12/7 -- Budget Debt. Pages 417-422.  You will read the section and take notes.  You can ask me questions.  When you are ready, you can use the notes you have taken on the quiz.  It is about 14 multiple choice questions.
Friday. 12/8 -- Fiscal Policy, Keynes and Stimulus .  Crash Course video #8, questions and some follow-up reading in the book, p. 438-443.