Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 8-12, 2017

AP Human Geography -- TEST week!
Mon. 5/8 -- Group project to review political geography.  Definitions, examples and explanations!  Each group will work on a big review.
Tue. 5/9 -- CRQ essays -- grading, taking, scoring and how to maximize your points.  Three questions count for half of the test score.  Grab all the points you can!
Wed. 5/10 -- Agriculture review -- small group activity to review agriculture.
Thur. 5/11 -- Answers to questions game.  It's a thinker from Dan Berry!
Fri. 5/12 -- AP Test Day -- Good luck everyone!

AP Art History
Painting project week.

Mon. 5/8 -- Talk about Keynes and the Great Depression.  Notes on the demographic changes in the U.S. -- Review questions for the Quiz tomorrow.
Tue. 5/9 -- GDP and Keynes quiz.  Short video on the "New Geography of Jobs" Google and watch it if you miss class.  Partner project to look up "brain hubs" and "old industrial capitals."  Factors that lead to poverty.
Wed. 5/10 -- Questions, p. 366-373 Due and graded during class. ECE #3 DUE today. 
Thur. 5/11 -- Class work time on HSBP and Corporation project. -- Due tomorrow
Fri. 5/12 -- Last class work day on HSBP and Corporation project -- Due today by 3:15 p.m.

May 1-5, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 5/1 -- Learning Walk to review chapter 1.  Student teams of 4 complete a task (15 minutes) and leave information on a large piece of paper.  Other teams walk to visit each page and complete a series of questions at each table.
Tue. 5/2 -- Practice multiple choice test
Wed. 5/3 -- Review multiple choice question,  Write a practice test essay question. Quick map review of chapter 2.
Thur. 5/4 -- A student visitor from last year to give some study tips!  Go over the last test on Settlements and Urbanization.  Chapter 3 review
Fri. 5/5 -- Jeopardy questions to review chapter 4-7 -- culture unit.

AP Art History
Mon. 5/1 -- Practice essay questions
Tue. 5/2 -- Style review -- look at one piece of art from each period this year.
Tue. afternoon -- AP Art History Test
Wed.Fri -- Watch "Monument's Men"

Mon. 5/1 -- Notes on GDP (definition, what's excluded, chained dollars).  Look up the percapita GDP for 12 countries on a continent and look at the distribution of world wealth.
Tue. 5/2 -- Notes on the output expenditure formula.  (Get a copy and color code).  Reading about the newly passed budget and how the priorities lay out.  Chicago Sun Times article.
Wed. 5/3 -- What is GDP and CPI? Chromebook research at the BEA and Minneapolis Fed.
Thur 5/4 -- Student work time on HSBP or Corporation Research project -- Due 5/12
Fri. 5/5 -- Student work time on HSBP or Corporation Research project -- Due 5/12

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 24-28, 2017

AP Human Geography -- 3 weeks until the AP TEST!
Mon. 4/24 -- DVD "10 Cities that Changed America" notes.  Discussion on expanding cities and the peripheral model.
Tue. 4/25 -- TED talk by Majora Carter, "Greening the Ghetto" -- worksheet questions.  Brief webquest on famous parks.
Wed. 4/26 -- PP notes on City Challenges. Notebook #10 DUE. 
Thur. 4/27 -- Review day for test
Fri. 4/28 -- Test on chapters 12-13, settlements and urban.  We also have an assembly this day, so the test is shorter than average, but we will need to get started right away!
Mon. 5/1 -- Review Chapter 1-  Basic concepts in geography.
Tue. 5/2 -- In class practice test for AP Human Geography.  Everyone will take it, even if you are not taking the actual test in 10 days.

AP Art History -- one week until the AP Art History test on 5/2
Mon. 4/24 -- Practice AP Art History test multiple choice section. There are 80 questions to complete in the class period.  We will start as soon as the bell rings.  Students not taking the AP test will have a VERY quiet study hall period.
Tue. 4/25 -- Renaissance Review -- Group and classify -- Northern and Southern Renaissnace and Early vs Late Renaissance.  History of the Renaissance and architectural styles.
Wed. 4/25 -- Baroque Review -- Group and classify -- Baroque is really divided by Catholic (North) and Protestant (South).  Classify artists by this organization system.  History of Baroque and architectural stytles.
Thur. 4/26 -- Architecture Review day -- Get ready to diagram!
Fri. 4/27 -- Quick review talk for Oceania, African and Precolumbian American art. We have an assembly this day, so are missing some class time.
Mon. 5/1 -- AP Art History Essay Day.  We will write a practice essay, grade a practice essay and break down the long essay.
Tue. 5/2 [TEST DAY!!] Morning review before the test -- Time challenge to recognize styles and provide 3 identifying characteristics.
Wed. 5/3 -- Start Monument's Men -- Excellent movie with George Clooney and Matt Damon about saving European art during WWII.

Mon. 4/24 -- Stock Evaluation. Assignment of a section of the NYSE to explore and a stock to pick out. Chromebooks in classroom.
Tue. 4/25 -- Begin stock profile assignment.  From your list of stocks on Monday you will pick one stock to research in depth.  You will write a profile on this one stock.  Get a copy of the directions -- I have clear expectations.  We are in the library so you can print.
Wed. 4/25 -- Finish Stock Profile (The Stock profile and stock research are both due and need to be stapled together). We are in the library so you can print! Review Out
Thur. 4/26 -- Review day for macroeconomics: money, banking and finance.
Fri. 4/27 -- Banking and Finance Test. Chapters 10,11 and 16.  Study the review sheet.  This is the first test for 4th quarter so it will weigh heavy for a while.  We have an assembly, so we will start right away.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 17-21, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon 4/17 -- Work on City Model flipbook.  There are specific directions written on the board.  If you are home sick, e-mail me and I can send a copy.  We have a REQUIRED system of color coding, so they will all be the same.  You will write a two sentence description of the model and find a "best fit" current city.
Tue. 4/18 -- Last day to work on the city-model flip book.  We will spend the last 10-15 minutes of class going through the models with a powerpoint and discussing each.  Please start turning in your flip books. 
Wed. 4/19 -- Shadow Cities TED talk.  What are squatter settlements?   Powerpoint notes on urban models in the developing world and the role of squatter settlements. If there is extra time we will watch a segment of Discovery Atlas that shows squatter settlements in India. All flip books DUE
Thur. 4/20 -- Quiz on city models (open note quiz). Begin partner project on expanding cities.  This project focuses on Key Issue 3 and looks at how cities are growing (urban growth boundaries) with satellite cities and public transportation.  2-Days.
Fri. 4/21 -- Finish Expanding Cities project.

AP Art History 
Mon. 4/17 -- Lecture on Global artists -- we will look at Osorio, Walker, Mutu and El Anatsui.
Tue. 4/18 -- Research parts of Global Issues artists and as a group complete the notes for the last set of art cards :)
Wed. 4/19 -- Review for the test
Thur. 4/20 -- Test on Global Contemporary art. Art Cards due
Fri. 4/21 -- Notebook #10 due.  Review for AP TEST. Senior meeting during 1st period.

Mon. 4/17 -- Tools of Monetary policy Lecture. Read p. 475.  Play the FED chairman game.
Tue. 4/18 -- Open note quiz on Chapter 10 (Banks and FED reserve -- it is True/False) Read p. 302-303 and make a graphic organizer (I have a sheet) on investing 304-309.
Wed. 4/19 -- Three-Pocket Organizer on investments. -- Work with a partner to finish.
Thur. 4/20 -- Lecture on stock and investing, how to pick stocks.  RISK ASSESSMENT DUE (on-line:
Fri. 4/21 -- Introduction to stocks.  How to read a stock report on-line.  Make a practice investment pie using your rick level and an investment goal.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 10-14, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 4/10 --  Rank-size and primate cities.  You will look up the 10 largest cities in a country and graph the populations.  We will look at city size distribution and compare developed with developing countries.
Tue. 4/11 -- Global Cities worksheet with services.  Intro PP on Global Cities, explain the alpha, beta, gamma descriptions -- discussion before the worksheet.  Your spring break homework on reviewing AP HG Models is DUE today. 
Wed. 4/12 -- PP notes on urbanization, history and trends.  Make diagrams of circular, linear and clustered settlement patterns.  Why are there different settlement patterns?  STUDY tonight for the chapter 12 quiz.
Thur. 4/13 -- Qz: Chapter 12 (probably about 20 multiple choice questions).  Group activity on planning a city -- individual and small group work.  Fun!
Fri. 4/14 -- Models of urban structure -- there are seven models and we will make a flip chart to create a good study tool.  I will provide diagrams and astrobright paper.  You will color code, explain and describe.  They are due on 4/18.

AP Art History 
Mon 4/10 -- Lecture notes and video on artists dealing with human figures -- Smith, Abakanowicz, Koons.
Tue. 4/11 -- Electronic Media -- books and literati notes (Piak, Biola, Xu Bing, song Sun-nam) We will see a lot of video clips today!
Wed. 4/12 -- Gates and architecture -- A quick biography of Jeanne Claude & Christo, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid.  Students will then research a piece of art or architecture from one of these people and draw it as best as they can.  Looking and learning go together.
Thur. 4/13 -- Slide quiz, open notebook.  Take and grade the quiz.  Turn in 8 notesheets for art card grading.
Fri. 4/14 -- Global arts of the Pacific -- Knywarreye, Tuffery and Mori.

Mon. 4/10 -- Introduction to unit on money and banking.  We have a worksheet on the history of currency in the U.S. and how monetary systems work.  Really it is more interesting than it sounds!
Tue. 4/11 -- Modern Marvels -- U.S. Mints.  Questions with the video.
Wed. 4/12 -- A short segment from "It's a Wonderful life," on bank panics from the 1930's.  Lecture on history of banking through the Financial Crisis of 2008.   Begin partner project on a timeline of bank history.  You will include 12 events with 5 significant events described, including their significance.
Thur. 4/13 -- Finish banking timeline.  Watch 60 minutes; "Your bank has failed."
Fri. 4/14 -- How the Federal Reserve -- quick lab on districts.  Chart on the functions and organization of the Fed.  Video:"The Power of Money."

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 27-31, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 3/27 -- Re-write essays for the factory quiz.  Re-writes due before class is over.  Review for the Development and industrialization TEST tomorrow.
Tue. 3/28 -- Development and Industrialization TEST.  Chapter 9 -- Development, Chapter 10 Agriculture, Key 1 & 3; Chapter 11 -- Industrialization. Notebook #9 DUE
Wed. 3/29 -- Agriculture -- Chocolate production
Thur. 3/30 -- Services --  Chapter 12, Key issues 1-2.  What are services and how are cities nested to provide services.  Christaller's central place theory.
Fri. 3/31 -- Finish Central Place map. Project due today, but will count for 4th quarter.

AP Art History
Mon. 3/27 -- Introduction to Contemporary Art -- a shiny silver sheet.  Each student will look up one piece of art, read the Khan Academy essay and give a short presentation to introduce the piece of art to the class.
Tue. 3/28 -- Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veteran's memorial.  Sheet and notes on public memorials and how Lin created a very different war memorial.  What was controversial about the monument.  We will read quotes from the time period and discuss the "compromise" at the memorial.  Video from Khan academy.
Wed. 3/29 -- Feminist art -- We will look at Cindy Sherman and Shirin Neshat -- contemporary women artists -- also Barbara Kruger and Judy Chicago for other examples.  Why do women have a hard time in the art world.  Art 21 on Cindy Sherman.
Thur. 3/30 -- Ethnic art -- Native American and African American

Mon. 3/27 -- Pie charts showing spending and taxes by the U.S. Federal government.  Compare current expenses with 2009.  Evaluate issues with the budget.
Tue. 3/28 -- National Debt Quiz. take notes on pages 417-422 and use the notes on an open note quiz.
Wed. 3/29 -- Review for Labor and Government TEST
Thur. 3/30 -- Labor and Government TEST -- last grade of the quarter
Fri. 3/31 -- Money Scavenger Hunt -- Chromebooks in the classroom.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 20-24, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 3/20 -- Introduction to Weber's model on Industry.  Video " Made in the USA" from America revealed.  Notes on automobile industry and steel industry including Nucor.
Tue. 3/21 -- Siting a Factory Project.  Teams of students will each take one type of factory and find a place in the U.S. to site the factory.  Each person will look at bulk-gaining, bulk-reducing as well as locations of resources, transportation costs, labor and other factors needed in finding a good site for a new factory.
Wed. 3/22 -- Final day for Siting a Factory Project.  Project DUE Thursday.
Thru. 3/23 -- Factory siting project due. Notes on Factories today/trends. QZ: Factory CRQ -- AP exam type essay in class as a quiz.
Fri. 3/24 -- Industrial pollution news articles.

AP Art History
Mon. 3/20 -- Notes on post 1945 painting and sculpture.  Art Cards Mondrian to Wright (last five the of the pink set) Due.
Tue. 3/21 -- Notes on post 1945, architecture and environmental art.
Wed. 3/22 -- DVD: "10 Buildings that changed America." Notes on Robie House, Seagram Building, Vanna Venturi House, and Disney Concert Hall. NOTEBOOK #9 DUE
Thur. 3/23 -- Review for Modern Art Test
Fri. 3/24 -- Test on Modern Art, Art Cards 1945-1980 (Gray) set due. 


Mon. 3/20 -- Research for budget cutting simulation.
Tue. 3/21 -- Budget cutting simulation
Wed. 3/22 -- information on the Federal budget -- numbers for 2016 and how the budget is passed -- reading and some discussion.  Video "IOU USA" about the budget deficit.
Thur. 3/23 -- Catch-up on some previous lessons.  Discuss readings on labor issues and write a list of important ideas on the board (and as notes for the test).  Readings about alternative types of taxes p. 406-410.  Students will make a two-column chart to find information on VAT and Flat tax ideas.  The two columns include: describe the tax, list two good things about the tax and two bad things (pro-con).
Fri. 3/24 -- Economic Current Event #1 -- library to write and print.