Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4-8, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 12/4 -- Correct worksheet on the distribution of religions.  Break into groups of three and make a graphic organizer about the largest universalizing religion.  The graphic organizer directions are posted on the google classroom space.
Tue. 12/5 -- Review the hearths of religions with a picture power point.  Maps showing the diffusion of religions from their hearths and agents of diffusion.
Wed. 12/6 -- Qz. Chapter 6, Key issues 1-2 (religious distribution and diffusion). Break into groups of six. We will tackle Key Issue 3 on religious organization.  Each group member will take one religion and complete the section of the chart for that religion.  They will then share the information with others.  We will make a large class diagram.
Thur. 12/7 -- Continue the assignment from Wednesday
Fri. 12/8 -- Holiday presentation. Assignment posted to Google classroom.

[Note I have made some changes to the calendar.]
Mon. 12/4 -- Introduction to the budget and budget numbers.  How do competing tax bills make their way through conference committees.  Budget showdown this week!  Begin assignment to research discretionary spending by department. 
Tue. 12/5 -- Continue spending research
Wed. 12/6 -- Mini-Congress.  We will use our research to try and cut 50 billion from discretionary spending.  Simulation.
Thur. 12/7 -- Budget Debt. Pages 417-422.  You will read the section and take notes.  You can ask me questions.  When you are ready, you can use the notes you have taken on the quiz.  It is about 14 multiple choice questions.
Friday. 12/8 -- Fiscal Policy, Keynes and Stimulus .  Crash Course video #8, questions and some follow-up reading in the book, p. 438-443.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

November 27 - December 1, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 11/27 -- Review for world map final.  Countries and physical features.  Take home the physical features map and complete for homework.
Tue. 11/28 -- Review physical features and cities. 
Wed. 11/29 -- World Map Final 
Thur. 11/30 -- Chapter 6 -- Notes on the distributions of religions.  Go over questions on the CRQ on Lingua Franca.
Fri. 12/1 -- Worksheet on the distribution of religions.  Chapter 6, Key Issue 1

Mon. 11/27 -- Taxation basics -- vocabulary cartoons for chapter 14, lesson 1.  If you are absent you need to complete the vocabulary sheet.  Do it quickly because there is a vocab quiz on Wednesday. Presentations of vocabulary and cartoons.
Tue. 11/28 -- Finish vocabulary presentations.  Lecture on Federal, state and local taxes.  Students will complete a chart about different types of taxes. 
Wed. 11/29 -- Qz. Vocabulary from 14.1.  Read pages 406-410 and describe a Flat Tax and a VAT Tax (2 sentences each) with a pro/con at the bottom.  Make a timeline with summaries of the different attempts at tax reform.  One sentence each with a date.
Thur. 11/30 -- Federal budgets and taxes -- We will look at current tax reform but analyzing an article by Paul Krugman who writes for the New York Times.  This article is from 10/14 and discusses proposed tax reform.  
Fri. 12/1 -- Federal Budget numbers and notes on "IOU USA" a documentary on federal spending and debt.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 20-22, 2017

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Break

AP Human Geography
Mon. 11/20 -- Review for the Culture 1 Test (Culture and Language).  The test will also have some review from chapter 1 -- possibilism, region vocab.  From chapter 2 the DTM and from chapter 3 migration vocab and push and pull factors (with a map).  All of the review makes up about 10 questions on a 56 question test, so focus your efforts on chapter 4-5. 
DUE: CRQ essay on Lingua Franca
Tue. 11/21 -- Culture 1 Test -- Chapters 4-5 -- There are 56 multiple choice questions and no essay. If you are leaving early for vacation, turn in your notebook :)
Wed. 11/22 -  Collect Notebook #4.  Go over the CRQ essay with a scoring rubric.
Half Day of School -- You are out at 10:55.

Mon. 11/20 -- Day 2 on the HSBP or the Corporation Project.  We will also go over the test on macroeconomic performance. 
Tue. 11/21 -- Library Day 3 on HSBP and Corporation Project
Wed. 11/22 -- Library Day 4 -- HSBP and Corporation Project DUE. 
Half Day of School -- You are out at 10:55. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 6-9, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 11/6 -- Introduction to Languages Powerpoint notes.  Begin language research project with small groups of 2-3 students.  The assignment is on Google classroom.
Tue. 11/7 -- Finish slide shows on languages.
Wed. 11/8 -- Presentations on language families/branches.  Notes during other presentations on a language family tree.  This is a really good day to be at school!!
Thur. 11/9 -- Map Day #7 Africa Map -- Veteran's Day Assembly schedule.
Fri. 11/10 -- Veteran's Day observed.  Thank you to all our Veterans.

Mon. 11/6 -- Quiz over chapter 12, Lesson 1 -- Basically all things having to do with GDP.  This will be an open note quiz.  Lecture notes on demographic trends in the U.S.  Small presentations on demographic maps.
Tue. 11/7 -- Video available on-line -- Enrico Moretti "The New Geography of Jobs."  Brain hubs and old industrial capital research with a partner.  We will look at the communities Moretti identifies in his video (produced by the San Francisco FED).  What are the characteristics of a "brain hub" and "old industrial capital" How is wealth distributed in the U.S.
Wed. 11/8 -- Reading on Business Cycles p. 366-371. Questions 1. Diagram the business cycle p. 367, 2. List 5 causes of the business cycle. 3. What caused the Great Recession of 2008-2009? 4. Identify two facts about the Great Depression, List four causes, and list four reforms made.
5. What is the LEI?  Watch video on-line "Crash Course Economics #12"  Go on Google and search it.  Find two reasons for the Fiscal Crisis and two steps taken by the government to help.
Thur. 11/9 -- Inflation Skits.  Veteran's Day Assembly schedule.
Fri. 11/10 -- Veteran's Day observed.  Thank you to all our Veterans.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/30 -- I hope you remember to take a picture of your house or a house!  Quick review activity on the difference between folk and popular culture.  Housing reading p. 122-123 together.  Map of U.S. with hearth houses and spaces to write about other housing styles.  You need to learn the hearth house which are folk culture.
Tue. 10/31 -- Quiz Chapter 4, Key Issue 1-2 [ 8 vocabulary and 8 multiple choice] Notes on access and diffusion.
Wed. 11/1 -- Read p. 132-133 on folk cultures.  Why should we care that folk cultures are vanishing? Video on the Australian Aborigines.  There is a sheet of questions with the video.
Thur. 11/2 -- Graphic Organizer on sustainability.  Chapter 4 review game and I will hand out the review sheet.  HW: Study for the Asia quiz tomorrow.
Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7 p.m.
Fri. 11/3 -- Review for Asia quiz, Asia map quiz -- includes SW Asia and Asia maps.

Mon. 10/30 -- Stock research DUE during class.  Go through the notebook packet due tomorrow. Review for the Money, Banking and Finance Test, Chapters 10-11. Review sheet due Tuesday.
Tue. 10/31 -- Test: Money, Banking and Finance.  Notebook packet #3 DUE.
Wed. 11/1 -- How to measure economic performance.  Notes on GDP and maps to look at world per capita GDP.  If you are absent you will need a map.  Look up the per capita GDP and total population life expectancy.  Get a copy of the key from me.
Thur. 11/2 -- Due to the showing of the Crucible for 11th grade we are going to adjust as needed for 2nd and 6th period.  GDP and CPI internet assignment.
Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7 p.m.
Fri. 11/3 [30 minutes] -- Read p. 440 on Keynes -- his contributions to economics.  Notes on the output expenditure formula.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 23-27, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/23 -- Quiz over the Europe and Russia maps (Eurasia map quiz) Map Day #5; SW Asia.
Tue. 10/24 -- Introduction of culture, notes, definition. Start mini-research project. 
Wed. 10/25 -- Finish small team project researching an item of culture. You will report on your research in class. Folk and popular culture chart; reading p. 110-122.
Thur. 10/26 -- Complete the chart and discuss folk food items.  Folk Food Festival. 
Fri. 10/27 -- Map Day #6 -- Asia Map

Mon. 10/23 -- Risk Quiz Due -- Yes I warned you all week and it is due today. is the link.  Notes on investing and types of investments. 
Tue. 10/24 -- Planning an investment portfolio - Worksheet.
Wed. 10/25 -- Researching a group of stocks to pick out the best one.  Each student will have a different set of stocks to look up.  From the initial set, you will pick one to complete a stock profile on.
Thur. 10/26 -- Work on stock profile.  We might have a pop quiz!
Fri. 10/27 -- Finish and turn in stock research -- 50 points.  We will meet in the library so you can print your work.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

October 16-20, 2017

AP Human Geography
Mon. 10/16 -- Reading assignment "New Europeans" due at the beginning of class.  Remember you need to mark it up and have at least two questions written in the margins.  We will discuss the article, read about refugees, focusing on refugee's from Syria and how Europe is dealing with huge immigrant populations.  Map of the Syrian refugee crisis.
Tue. 10/17 -- Mini-lecture and notes on borders.  Activity which involves reading and drawing about the characteristics of of the U.S. Mexico border.  HW: Finish assignment as needed. 
Wed. 10/18 -- Review day for chapters 2-3 [Population and Migration]  HW:  STUDY for the test!!
Thur. 10/19 -- Test: Unit 2: Population and Migration.
[Note: calendar correction, I am moving the map quiz to Monday the 23rd.]

Mon. 10/16 -- PP on Bank History.  Partners will create a timeline on banking history.  If you are absent you will do the following.  Make a timeline with 8 crucial dates in the history of money and banks in the U.S.  For four of the 8 dates you must explain WHY those events are important.  You will need to write 2 sentences to explain. The class assignment is slightly different.
Tue. 10/17 -- Open note quiz on Money and Banking (Chapter 10, Lesson 1-2). Watch 60 minutes -- "Your Bank has Failed" about the FDIC. You will have some time to complete the timeline you started on Monday.
Wed. 10/18 -- Short PP notes on Modern Banking.  Begin Banking Brochure.  This assignment is posted on our google classroom.
Thru. 10/19 -- Complete the brochure.  End the period with a brief discussion of how technology has changed banking.  Interesting question.
Fri. 10/20 -- Bank Brochure due by 4 p.m. Read pages 302-303.  In class we will do a simulation on the flow of money. If you are absent you get to read pages 304-309 and complete the lesson 1 review questions 1-6.